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Karma Yoga

Karmayoga is the yoga through which one is able to connect with the soul. Karmayoga awakens the enlightenment and leads to the attainment of God. This yoga is more suitable for a working person. Everyone does some work because it is necessary to do work for life, for society, for the country, for the world.

Grief originates from karma. All sorrows and sufferings starts from attachment. Karmayoga teaches that do the work for karma, working for deeds without attachment. The Karmayogi works because he likes to do the work and has nothing to do beyond it. The Karmayogi does not renounce Karma, he only renounces the results of Karma and get freedom from the sorrow of workings. His position is like a giver in this world and he never worries to get anything. He knows that he is giving and does not ask for anything in return and that is why he does not fall into the clutches of sorrow. He knows that the bond of sorrow results from the reaction of attachment.

It is said in the Gita that the equanimity feeling of the mind is yoga in which a person accepts happiness-sorrow, gain-loss, victory-loss, coincidence-disconnection in the mind with the same sense. By sacrificing the results of karma, the execution of ethical work also becomes similar to worship. No function of the world is different from Brahm. Therefore, the nature of the work does not matter, uninterrupted karma is always dedicated to God. Karmayogi does not attach to the result of the karma, so there is no accumulation of desires take place. In this way, the Karmayogi also becomes free from the bondage of rebirth.